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About Watchlist Internet

The Watchlist Internet is an independent information platform on internet fraud and fraud-like online traps from Austria. It provides information on current fraud cases on the internet and advises on how to protect oneself from common fraud bags. Victims of internet fraud receive concrete guidance on further steps.

Current topics of the Watchlist Internet encompass: subscription traps, classifieds scams, phishing, rip-off via mobile phone and smartphone, fake shops, brand counterfeiting, scamming or advance fraud, Facebook fraud, fake invoices, falsified warnings, and ransomware.

The Watchlist Internet strengthens internet users’ knowledge about online fraud. This aims at to build up the confidence in one's own online competence as well as the trust in the internet as a whole. Users may report internet traps themselves via an online form. Thereby, they make a substantial contribution to the Watchlist Internet. Social media activities (Facebook/Instagram) as well as collaborations with public authorities, ministries, media, NGOs and businesses promote the exchange of experiences on internet fraud.


On www.watchlist-internet.at we warn against internet traps in the German-speaking region. Thus, the Watchlist Internet is only available in German. However, many of the traps are of international relevance. If you want to read our alerts in a different language, we recommend the automatic translation function in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Partners and sponsors

The Watchlist Internet is implemented by the ACR Institute Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (ÖIAT) in close cooperation with the Internet Ombudsstelle.

The development of the project has been and will be supported by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, the Federal Ministry of Interior, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Chamber of Labour, the Austrian Economic Chambers, willhaben Internet Service GmbH & Co KG, Erste Bank und Sparkasse and the Internet Foundation Austria (netidee). There is also close cooperation with the EU initiative Saferinternet.at.

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